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100 CLUB

We run a "100 Club" to raise money for the Club. 


For just £5 a month, you could win up to   £137.50


Thanks to those members who have joined already; your support of the Club is very much appreciated.  In the last 10 years, we have paid out over £16,300 in prizes and raised the same amount for the Club. This money has been used to provide new and updated facilities at the Clubhouse.


We still have some way to go to get to the target of 100 members, but as the number of memberships increases, so will the prize money and fundraising for the Club. When we get to the full 100 each month then the monthly 1st Prize will be an impressive £137.50 and we'll be paying out £3,000 in prizes and raising a fantastic £3,000 a year for the Club too ! 


We can really improve the facilities if we can hit that many members, so come on, join today.


It's only £5 per month - you won't miss it and it will really help the Club. 50% goes into the prize pot, 50% is a donation to the Club.

Pay by standing order to make sure that you are in the draw every month.

Contact us now for more information. (Application Forms at the Clubhouse)


Sorry - due to licencing issues this draw is only available to Club members over 16 years of age.

DTCC 100 Club
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