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Colts Registration is now Open

Updated: Apr 5

Online registration for our highly successful Colts (under 18yrs) program is now open. To register your child, please take the link below.


  • The form must be completed by a parent or guardian, with the member information completed for your child. Please ensure their DoB is correct, as this impacts the way safeguarding information is handled.

  • Please ensure the first "Next of Kin" is consistent across all your children, as this links the accounts and verifies the discount.

  • Enter the details of a second parent / guardian under "Next of Kin" to take advantage of a second free Social Membership.

  • For your first child, select "Colt (Initial)" fee, to pay and complete the registration.

  • For additional brothers / sisters, select "Colt (Additional)" fee, to pay and complete their registration, and take advantage of the discounted rate.

If you are new to our club or wish to find out more, then please feel free to contact our Colts Manager (Phil Lewis) at

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